1.What you need to know about infusors

In recent decades, infusors have been used for continuous drug administration. The development of these devices is a major breakthrough in this field, as maintaining stable plasma concentrations allows better control of the disease and its symptoms, while improving patient quality of life.
Elastomeric infusion systems (or infusors) are single-use devices that do not require batteries. They mark an important step forward…

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2.AFIC-VYGON Cancer Nurses Survey

The mutagenic effect of cytostatic was first demonstrated in nurses administering antimitotic more than 40 years ago, in the journal The Lancet [1].

The urine samples showing urinary concentrations of cytostatic.
Today, more than a hundred studies highlight the risks for healthcare workers administering chemotherapy to develop adverse effects due to their exposure to cytotoxic drugs.
These undesirable effects can be moderate, …

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3.Highlighting the Risks of Hazardous Drugs Contamination in Oncology Day Units

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