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Complications in Vascular Access

1.Complications in ports: pinch off syndrome

Ports, fully implanted venous devices, are the longest lasting vascular accesses and offer excellent performance in chronic ill patients, particularly oncological patients. However, the reservoir can lead to certain complications, some well known such as obstruction or infection, and others less frequent, such as pinch off syndrome…

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2.Short Peripheral Catheter: Four Common Problems

As nurses, do we know how invasive it is and what the consequences are of inserting a short peripheral catheter into a vein?

In May/June 2015, the “Journal of Infusion Nursing” dedicated an article to short catheters that states:

“The insertion of short peripheral catheters, the most common invasive procedure in hospitals around the world, is associated with a variety of complications and an unacceptable failure rate of between 35% and 50%, even in the best hands.

This failure has an adverse effect on patients,..

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3.When should I remove a PICC if it is infected?

An increasing number of hospitalised patients require the use of venous access devices (VADs). Intravenous therapy has therefore been a topic of high clinical relevance in recent decades. There are currently several types of catheters, and the choice between them depends on a number of factors:

  • Patient
  • Properties of the infusion product
  • Duration of the treatment.

The introduction of the PICC has undoubtedly revolutionised long-term intravenous therapy and its use is currently on the rise…

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4.Cutaneous Complications in Vascular Access: MARSI

If we consider the skin to be a shield, barrier or a protective layer, it is easy to understand why it is essential to maintain good skin integrity to avoid complications.

Monitoring skin integrity is a nursing skill that is as important as any other, especially in the case of patients with vascular access devices.

Therefore, to help us to better manage vascular access, this article contains some recommendations to avoid medical adhesive related skin injuries (MARSIs)…

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