Enterale toedieningsset (zwaartekracht) met ENPlus spike en laterale poort

Product code: 0VENE74G

Enteral feeding set for pump in DEHP-free PVC - Ø 3.0 x 4.1 mm - 175 cm long with a glued christmas tree connection.
Gravity enteral feeding set with drip chamber.

This enteral feeding set features:
- 1 exclusive lateral port for drug injections and hydration, "Two in one" compatible with any enteral syringes,
- 1 roller-clamp,
- 1 drip chamber,
- 1 ENPlus connection compatible with the new ENPlus pouches.

  • Contains Latex: No
  • Contains DEHP: No
  • Contains biogical or animal-based product: No

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